Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Help for Louise.

Can I ask a favour of all of my followers to give Help for Louise
And sign this so she and her husband can be together.

So many families are pulled apart. Lets help bring them together again.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

And now for a stupid poem about Santa. Welllll....its Cristmoss

He drinks and drives on yuletide nights
And give them owls a right old fright
He only works one day a year
and down the chimney he will appear

You let him come into your home
and let him watch your kids alone
To wonder if they do deserve
a gift from him, oh what a perv!
His workers are all short and stout
Ho ho ho he likes to shout
They never get a luncheon break
and always made to stay awake

he whips his deer with reins of leather
Even in the stormy weather
They all work hard pulling his sleigh
pleading for the R.S.P.C.A


Thursday, 4 December 2014

Things to do this seasonal holiday.

Instead of sending out loads of Yule/ Xmas cards this year and giving the post office more money, how about donating the price of the card and postage to charity. I have asked friends not to send me cards but to buy something for the food bank or donate the money to a favourite charity.
You could support so many who cannot even afford to think about sending cards  Lets all do this and make a difference this Holiday Season

Maybe encourage children to do the same.
give them the money so they can put the money into a local charity box.

Though many charities make money from selling cards, think to yourself i am still giving them money but at least this way there is no rubbish at the end.
Other things I do
I never buy anything with more packaging than the item needs.
Plus you need a chainsaw to get into them.

Charity shops do the most wonderful toys for young children, they wont care where it comes from plus when they get bored you can donate it back.

In truth they would be just as happy with an empty box.

I do not buy a tree. especially in November, what is that all about?.
A lady once said that she does have to buy one in November and one in December because her child wants it.
It is called saying NO.

The magic of the season goes when you cannot say no to a child.

When buying food only buy what you want to eat, you will find yourself stuck with duck in orange pate and winter chutney because some distant uncle you never see the rest of the year likes it.
Dont do it. when he goes you are stuck with it and you will put it in the back of the cupboard only to throw it out later.
Thus wasting and causing more rubbish.

Little things like this will made the world a better place.

listen to Aunty Stormy she knows all.
(well most of the time)


Thursday, 27 November 2014

The shaman that went to jail.

I am a hard working shaman with a bachelor's degree
got top marks on my learning in the university
With my newly shaman workshop and my sweat lodge that is great
I now charge for healings working nine to half past eight

If you have any problems with your health and feeling glum
I can call the spirits with the help of my skin drum
and soon they will a gather and the magic will begin
as soon as I have paid them with a glass of my sloe gin.

You need not start to worry about the contents of your tea
it is all the best ingredient's for healing naturally
There some tree bark from a willow, a dash of broken flint
from berries from a yew tree and a pinch of garden mint.
what you mean you're feeling woozy? Ah the spirits are now here
there is no need for the panic, no reason now to fear
They are speaking now to me and giving me a sign
they say I should call the ambulance and all will fine

There is no point for the shouting nor the threats of legal suing
I have healed many people with this path I am pursuing
I have cured a man of baldness and a lady with a cold
all made from the ingredients of bread that gone to mould

I am a hard working shaman with a bachelor's degree
got top marks on my learning in the university
With my newly shaman workshop and my sweat lodge that is great
You can visit me in prison at the time of ten past eight.

part of life.

She is with me, the Goddess I know
comes when I ask her to show
shines her light behind the clouds
her moon, her smile

She says to me, come now child
and run with me in places wild
I hear her step upon the leaves
breaking twigs

Her honest truths are in my ear
no vow she makes to remove fear
encouragement she will though give
with an open hand

She says to me, come now child
run with me, she smiled
it doesn't matter if you trip
and fall on your arse.

Its part of life.

My goddess has a sense of humour

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Posh and British.

Some do feel anxiety in the British society
to be one of high class don’t you know.
But learning is simple, and just like a pimple
when you get it, it will never then go.

One must start pursuing to learn about queuing
in an act of being patient and true.
One must push forward, it’s never straightforward
to jump in the front of the queue.

Have manners when speaking but never with shrieking
remember to speak softly but strong.
For classes inferior you must be superior
and point out the times they speak wrong.

You must talk about Weather in a group altogether
and always must utter these words.
‘oh nature is teasing thus always displeasing
this rain I must say is quite absurd!’

Stand up for Nobility with mental ability
to learn ‘God save the Queen’ harmony.
There should be provision, for the upmost decision
to know when to sing out of key.

Remember on Sundays and never on Mondays
is the time to wash cars in your care.
There is no misdemeanour to hire a cleaner
and watch the lass clean from your chair.

You will find it quite tiring, with all the staff hiring
to gather sometime when you’re bored.
A foreign vacation and some nice recreation
then you moan about those from abroad.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Help us

Have a thought for depressed folks
And this festive time of year
for they do not have fun at all
So do not force your cheer

Maybe they feel quite lonely
And do not find it good
and comments like baa humbug
don’t put them in the mood

Maybe they need a helping hand
And kindness to be showed
Maybe a little come and join
a welcoming bestowed

A simple wish for everyone
to join and to be loved
sometimes a sad person thinks
that corners they are shoved

But then my words fall on death ears
For depressed people yearly
are ignored by their human friends
and never thought of dearly

The sad thing of the matter is
some may now say I’m wrong
help them out when you can
because you may notice when they’re gone.