Thursday, 29 January 2015

A modern Admiral.

Written about the awful fascist party called Britain first.

A modern Admiral.

I am the very model of a modern Nazi Admiral
With IQ minus twenty, my face is multilateral.
My followers are many you can count them on an abacus
my teaching of the bible is forged but quite miraculous
I'm very educated to with things that are political,
And always try to do my best at being hypercritical.

I like to quote from Churchill but my policies more Hitler based
I like to pick and choose my friends but that’s depending on their race
I understand what it does mean with culture that’s traditional
But not the stuff that’s pagan because of course that’s untraditional
My Britain First campaigns against a lot of  immigration
And those not of the whitest skin are up for deportation

We don’t believe in history nor tales of evolution
We make it all up as we go in acts of substitution
We force ourselves in Mosques or any building unrelated.
Teach our made up views about the place our god created.
With ‘we are closed’ upon the cliffs near the town of Dover
and shut the channel tunnel banning cars not made by Rover.

I want to lead the new crusades and go to the holy land.
Sit upon my noble steed in armor bought from Mataland.
Wear a burka baby grow to stop my brain escaping
and also very handy cos the armor causes chafing.
Drinking that old British drink, There’s nothing that is Finer.
But not the funny foreign tea, from India or China

Show support for the old and folks that use a Lollypop
Buy a badge or T-shirt you get  them from the old joke shop
Proud of course in Britain first to always love your neighbour
merchandise is foreign from a sweatshop with child labour
Find us now on Facebook, but we are not in Yellow pages
You can help us bring the country back to the middles ages.

(c) Audrey Stormy Haney 

Please some time to read the links below
The truth about Britian first.

Or why not come and say hello on
Exposing Britain First

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Sods law.

He stands in my yard the sun shines down
that lovely man with hair deep brown
with white shirt as tight as skin.
The man who empties my Wheelie bin.

His eyes pierce blue deep as the sea
I watch him drink his mug of tea
A biscuit, I offer with gentle grace
longing of course for his embrace
For him to swoop me in his arms
and give me all his sexual charms
he smiles at me, I go all red
I long to take him to my bed.
Cheers for the tea his voice is low
It’s really time that I should go
I long for him to stay evermore
to lead him through my door

Does he know? I wonder, wanting
he leans to me, is he now flaunting?
He face near mine, his lips apart
a beat now skips within my heart

He smiles and takes me by the waist
Will I now feel his love embrace
to speak! Words, he will now say.
Sorry love, afraid I’m gay……

And that is sods law….

Sunday, 11 January 2015


When talking to yourself you must say ‘one.’
One must talk to yourself, because it sounds fun

how odd

Today I did a jigsaw puzzle
and I swear the man in it looked like
the old president bush in a bright woollen hat.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Help for Louise.

Can I ask a favour of all of my followers to give Help for Louise
And sign this so she and her husband can be together.

So many families are pulled apart. Lets help bring them together again.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

And now for a stupid poem about Santa. Welllll....its Cristmoss

He drinks and drives on yuletide nights
And give them owls a right old fright
He only works one day a year
and down the chimney he will appear

You let him come into your home
and let him watch your kids alone
To wonder if they do deserve
a gift from him, oh what a perv!
His workers are all short and stout
Ho ho ho he likes to shout
They never get a luncheon break
and always made to stay awake

he whips his deer with reins of leather
Even in the stormy weather
They all work hard pulling his sleigh
pleading for the R.S.P.C.A


Thursday, 4 December 2014

Things to do this seasonal holiday.

Instead of sending out loads of Yule/ Xmas cards this year and giving the post office more money, how about donating the price of the card and postage to charity. I have asked friends not to send me cards but to buy something for the food bank or donate the money to a favourite charity.
You could support so many who cannot even afford to think about sending cards  Lets all do this and make a difference this Holiday Season

Maybe encourage children to do the same.
give them the money so they can put the money into a local charity box.

Though many charities make money from selling cards, think to yourself i am still giving them money but at least this way there is no rubbish at the end.
Other things I do
I never buy anything with more packaging than the item needs.
Plus you need a chainsaw to get into them.

Charity shops do the most wonderful toys for young children, they wont care where it comes from plus when they get bored you can donate it back.

In truth they would be just as happy with an empty box.

I do not buy a tree. especially in November, what is that all about?.
A lady once said that she does have to buy one in November and one in December because her child wants it.
It is called saying NO.

The magic of the season goes when you cannot say no to a child.

When buying food only buy what you want to eat, you will find yourself stuck with duck in orange pate and winter chutney because some distant uncle you never see the rest of the year likes it.
Dont do it. when he goes you are stuck with it and you will put it in the back of the cupboard only to throw it out later.
Thus wasting and causing more rubbish.

Little things like this will made the world a better place.

listen to Aunty Stormy she knows all.
(well most of the time)