Friday, 20 June 2014

Happy Solstice to everyone

I wish all my friends, fans and family and most wonderful summer solstice.
May you get drunk on mead, paint your body blue and dance in the noddy till the sun sets anew
Please dont get arrested because i am not paying your bail. 

OAP Solstice party

We dance in woad and little else
We merry folk all come and sing
among the stones of memories
whatever the weather brings

Maybe a robe for pleasantries
to hide the bits that sway and sag
the middle ages do not mind
They keep away from bags

Just watch your cheek young man
yes bag i am. but never mind
to say hello, goodbye to solstice sun
I still celebrate with the younger kind

I will sit and watch in my deck chair
as they dance and sing and play the drums
I wink at a man, his bottom is blue!
wake me at lunch i do declare.

have a mead i say, its chilled
in my thermos flask that is woad blue
in a nice tea cup that i have brought
i may have more than two.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

voices are strong

A fighter. Not so much swords and blood
but words that speak with hands raised high
to say this is not right I will speak my mind
I have no hate, within I am kind
But I implore you to change your ways
and wake from night to a fresh new day
A different person who wants to know
which direction the fresh winds blow
So many spoke, and others lead
because of words they raised their heads
go out and talk, march peacefully
shake hands with strangers and sing blissfully
we are people all colour and creed
we do not wish to know this greed
no religion will push us to hate
Lets all join hands, it’s not too late
but others come, their minds are closed
shouting voices, guns are posed.
Ready to crack, snip it in the bud
ready to spill its children’s blood


Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Maya Angelou

Rest in peace Maya Angelou. You have touched us all. A warrior with words that touch all that read them. You will be missed.
 'when people show you who you are, believe them'


Friday, 9 May 2014

old friend.

To ken
Ok I know, it has been months
but I came to see you today
I cried at bit when I saw
the place where you now lay
Its nice to see that you were sleeping
a bench was put near your arms
Its still out here rather muddy
but its not causing you any harm
There's ferns growing up in the clearing
lords and ladies grow here by your side
Its beautiful in the woods now
I am sure you would agree with pride
Your Lyn sat with us on the new bench
and watched as the birds came to see
the ground is quite clear of the brambles
with insects and worms there for free.
Lyn has nicked that old bath from the birdies
and laid it down there, just near your head
She has put in those nice little crystals
colours bright from white, black, pink and red.
I will see you again in a few weeks
got an offering or two for your long sleeps.
I promise its not leant for a short time
These items for you are for keeps.


Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Day Thirty... Last day for national poetry month 2014

Old friend
Old goddess friend, old crone
fancy a cup of tea with me at home.
We can catch up and chat
about our illness’s this and that.
Maybe share a spell or two
as we natter over our brew.
Grey hairs, no it’s just the light
seen there in a moon that’s bright.
Not one of yours, yours is dark
your one does not make dogs bark.
How's the beasts? Still like black?
Heard your cat and ravens back.
nice to have friendly pets
shame mine went to the vets.
How the kids, driving me us mad
I never see them. Yes it’s sad.
Want a biscuit? They’re home made
a little offering from the maid.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Day twenty nine.

It is ok my child
She takes me hand
and leads me out into the land
come baby steps
come steady now
and wipe the sweat from your brow
I stumble forward
My heart is fast
I know deep down it will not last
a panic comes
a fleeting fear
Dont stop she says, you are near
I grab the frame
the door is mine
let go of it, it will be fine
look forward now
do not look back
i will give you the strength that you do lack
I walk outside
the sun shines down
The light of day removes my frown
I told you so
her voice is still
My goddess is my cure all pill.